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(828) 324-8448 info@reedscleaning.com


Reeds Cleaning is dedicated to the success and welfare of its employees. To better accommodate our satellite crew members, we have provided several commonly used resources below:

Employee-DayshiftTimesheet please only use one per day or one per weekend!
RequestforTimeOff-Form please note: these MUST be submitted to management no less than 10 days prior to first day of requested leave.
SupplyOrderForm did you know?! You can fax or email your supply requests to be pre-filled for quicker pick up. Ask management for details.


These resources may be faxed back to Reeds Management at 828-324-1297 or emailed to admin@reedscleaning.com. Please allow 24 hours for processing (excluding weekends). TIMESHEETS MUST ALWAYS BE TURNED IN NO LATER THAN 8:00AM TUESDAY MORNING OF EACH WEEK. In order for direct deposit to be processed in time to be received by Friday, and out of courtesy for our out-of-town employees, PAYROLL IS RUN ON TUESDAY MORNING. Timesheets received after this deadline will be rolled over to the next pay cycle- NO EXCEPTIONS.


Important Numbers:

Daily Call-In Line: 828-324-0251

To fax forms and timesheets: 828-324-1297

After 5:00pm, Manager On Duty (Monday-Friday): 828-514-9974

Emergencies/Weekend: 828-612-9971